Shortchanged: Why women have less wealth
and what can be done about it

The first book to focus on the differences in wealth between women and men, Mariko Chang’s Shortchanged is a compelling and accessible examination of why women struggle to accumulate assets, who has what, and why it matters. Chang draws on the most comprehensive national data on wealth and on in-depth interviews to show how differences in earnings, in saving and investing, and, most important, the demands of care-giving all contribute to the women's wealth gap. She argues that the current focus on equal pay and family-friendly workplace policies, although important, will not ultimately change or eliminate wealth inequalities.

A comprehensive portrait of where women and men stand with respect to wealth, Shortchanged not only sheds light on why women lack wealth, but also offers solutions for improving the financial situation of women, men, and families

In a masterful scientific whodunit, Shortchanged explains why the wealth gap remains so extreme, even while women have made substantial gains in the labor market. If you’re a fan of smart muckraking, of the passionate expose coupled to the very best science, Shortchanged is for you.”
— David B. Grusky, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality, Stanford University